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PowerResins most advanced resin VINTAGE!

VINTAGE resin offers a versatile one-stop solution for all types of jewelry manufacturing needs, offering superb direct casting results with an unseen non-shrinking formula allowing you an easy ash-free resin casting process like a traditional lost wax casting . With VINTAGE resin, compromise is a thing of the past; enjoy smoother surfaces and razor-sharp edges in every print. Additionally, it's perfectly tailored for intricate stone settings, ensuring precision and quality in every piece.

  • Shrinkage rate is less than %1
  • Ash-free casting like a wax
  • No need post curing
  • Perfect for stone settings
  • Find here printing parameters for DLP and LCD printers
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    Product Description

    Product Features

    • Shrinkage rate is less than 1%
    • Ash-free casting like a wax
    • No need for post curing
    • Perfect for stone settings
    • Find here printing parameters for DLP and LCD printers

    Material Properties

    Material PropertiesValueStandard
    Tensile strength22 MPaASTM D638
    Flexural strength45 MPaASTM D790-02
    Flexural modulus1120 MPaASTM D790-02
    Shore HardnessDASTM D2240
    Density1.1 g/cm3 at 23oCASTM D1475
    Viscosity600 - 650 mPa.s at 23oCDIN 53211-4
    ColorOpaque Green

    Post Process

    1- Washing

    After the printing is completed, wash the part as attached to the building plate with ethyl alcohol (>%90) or isopropyl alcohol (>%90) for 5 minutes. Make sure that alcohol covers the part entirely when washing. Do not over-wash, it may cause deterioration in dimensions of the part.

    2- Drying

    Use air-compressor to dry the washed part. Make sure that the part is dry and uncured resin is cleaned up completely. If still uncured resin left on the part, wash it with fresh alcohol and dry again.

    3- Part Removal

    Remove the printed part from the building plate using a scraping tool. Be very careful not to damage your hand and the model.

    4- No need post UV curing! Enjoy your casting.

    Storage Conditions

    Store the PowerResins Vintage bottle in dark and moisture free place at room temperature (20-24 °C).

    Do not forget shaking the resin well before use.


      Stone settings, surface models, thin string filigree models up to minimum wall thickness 0.25mm.


      Vintage resin has almost no shrinkage enjoy with a shrinkage ratio below %1.


      Easily cast your jewelry models with Optima prestige, Omnicast, Ransom & Randolph.


      After printing simply wash and dry yet ready to be casted.