Resins for Solus 3D Printer

You can use PowerResins resins with all Solur 3D Printers such as the Solus or Solus Pro 3D Printer. Please find below the recommended castable resins for jewelry casting. Beside jewelry castable resins, you may also use our dental resins with Solus 3d printers.

PowerResins resins are compatible with all Solus 3D printers.


Solus Pro

Jewelry Castable resins for Solus 3D Printer

PowerResins Zero

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PowerResins Dark

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High precision and Smooth Surface with PowerCast resins

With all Solus 3D Printers, you can use PowerCast Zero or Dark resins. We recommend Dark for most of the jewelry prints but you may prefer PowerCast Zero if you don't want to have any shrinkage. 
Important Note: you don't need any UV post-curing with our castable resins.

PowerCast Resin Cast Samples

Please note that all the pictures are the raw casting of 14k gold, 21k gold, and silver without any polish made after the casting. The burnout cycle used in these examples are normal burnout cycle with various investments such as Omnicast, Optima or Plasticast without using any special treatment or post-curing after the printing.

Solus Printing Settings

We provide here printing profile settings used by some of our customers for Dark Resin, however you can adjust these parameters according to the type of print you are making or the Z layer thickness you wish to use.

Build Resolution 80 x 45
X Measurement 80
Y Measurement 45
Z Lift Distance (mm) 1
Z Lift Speed (mm/min) 100
Layer Thickness 30
Layer Exposure Time (seconds) 2.5
Initial Layer Exposure (seconds) 12
Number of Initial Layers 3
Exposure Buffer Time (seconds) 2.5