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BURN Dental Casting Resin

PowerResins Burn Resin is 100% ash-free castable resin that is used for metal casting or Emax press. Burn resin is used for crown-bridge, occlusion, partial dentures, laminated and inlay/onlay applications.

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MODEL - Dental Model Resin

PowerResins Model is a special ceramic based 3d printer resin for dental model printing. Powerdent Model resin is used for producing full-mouth, half-mouth models and models with dies.

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ORTHOMODEL Dental Model Resin

PowerResins OrthoModel resin is a model resin specifically developed for orthodontic dental applications. It provides high accuracy dental model printing while being hard and pressure resistant for vacuum forming of aligners.

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Primer Resin Strong Adhesion

PowerResins Primer, is a resin that has very strong adhesion properties and designed to use for any LCD, DLP and SLA technology printers who has adhesion issues with.

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