3D Printing Materials for Dental Applications!


MODEL - Dental Model Resin

PowerResins Model is a special ceramic based 3d printer resin for dental model printing. Powerdent Model resin is used for producing full-mouth, half-mouth models and models with dies.

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TEMP- Biocompatible Resin for Temporary Crowns

Temp resin is a CE certified Class IIa biocompatible resin for patient’s in-mouth use as temporary teeth. It is easily processed and cleanable material that is compatible with natural dental aesthetics. This resins is Light which is perfect to use as A1, B1 shades

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SG - Biocompatible Resin for Surgical Guide

PowerResins Surgical Guide is a transparent biocompatible Class I material, developed for high precision implant guided surgeries.

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BURN2 - Dental Casting Resin

PowerResins Burn Resin is 100% ash-free castable resin that is used for metal casting or Emax press. Burn resin is used for crown-bridge, occlusion, partial dentures, laminated and inlay/onlay applications.

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PowerResins Gingiva resin is a flexible resin to printsoft gingival masks for the model prints. It has a high dimensional stability.

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