Resins for Dentafab 3D Printers

Dentafab 3D Printers are specifically developped for Dental labs and digital dentistry to reach very high precision and fast printing speed. As our company manufactures Dentafab 3D Printers, all models are optimized and compatible with PowerResins resins. You can use all our dental resins with Dentafab 3d printers:
- PowerResins Dental Model resin for dental models with dyes
- PowerResins Ortho-Model resin for orthodontic models in order to produce aligners with vacuum forming
- PowerResins Burn castable resins is used for metal casting or emax press of crowns, bridges or veneers
- PowerResins Temp resin is a bio-compatible resin used for temporary crowns and bridges
- PowerResins Denture resin is a bio-compatible resin used for denture manufacturing
- PowerResins SG resin is a bio-compatible resin suitable for surgical guides

Powerresins DLP resins are compatible with Dentafab 3D printers.

Dentafab Sega


Resins For Dentafab Dental 3D printers

PowerResins Burn

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PowerResins Model

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PowerResins Ortho Model

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Dental applications with PowerCast dental resins

Below you can see some prints from various PowerResins with Dentafab 3D Printers: Metal casting or emax press using Burn resins, dental models with Model resin or Ortho-Model resin and temporary teeth using our bio-compatible Temp resin.

Dental metal casting samples