About Us

R&D Center for Resins and 3D Printers

Founded in 2013, our company specializes in manufacturing of photopolymer jewelry and dental resins for 3d printers. Our R&D center in Istanbul combines know-how of photopolymer materials with DLP, LCD, SLA 3d printer technologies. Furthermore, we have developed excellent castable resins with 100% ash-free burnout for dental and jewelry industries.

High-End 3D Printers

Our 3D printers are specifically developed for dental and jewelry professionals in order to achieve the highest accuracy and precision. Please check our fast DLP Dental printer from dentafab.com and Jewelry printer from novafab.com

Global Reach

Our resins and 3D printers are used in over 34 countries. We are pleased to service customers globally with our sales offices in Istanbul and Dubai as well as our global resellers network. You may also directly purchase from powerresins.com

Help you produce better, faster and easier!

We Continue to Develop and Produce 3D Printer Resins

Our 3D Printer brands



Novafab is our brand that offers specialized solutions for the jewelry industry.

In current competitive global markets, we understand jewelsmiths’ needs:
– Need for a trustable production system that ensures continuity and consistency in time.
– Need for high quality production at low cost in order to remain competitive.
– Always produce new designs and products in order to increase sales and follow trends.

As we understand these requirements of time, quality and cost we focus on providing you an end-to-end scalable production solution that lets jewellery manufacturers to focus on new designs and markets. Novafab develops new solutions by gathering feedbacks from Europe, Turkish, Middle-East and Eastern jewelry markets.



Dentafab is our brand that specializes in providing 3d printing solutions for the dental industry. Dental laboratories and clinics need accurate, reliable and fast 3d printing solutions. Our Dentafab team also provides technical services and support to our customers.

We Produce High Precision 3D Printers