SLA Castable Resin

  • SLA Castable Resin

SLA Castable Resin


Works with any type of SLA 3d printer

PowerResins SLA resin is a castable resin specially developed for SLA 3D Printers such Formlabs Form 2, DWS and Peopoly 3d printers.

You can print any kind of jewelry and reach very high quality direct casting:

  • Ash-Free direct casting properties
  • Can be used for any type of jewelry including european jewelry or tiny filigree designs.
  • Perfect formulation for models with tiny strings up to 0.25 mm
  • Perfect casting quality
  • Suitable for standard burnout cycle
  • High dimensional stability and low shrinkage

This SLA castable resin is also suitable for dental metal casting. SLA resin is used for crown-bridge, occlusion, partial dentures, laminated and inlay/onlay applications.

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Perfect formulation for models with tiny strings up to 0.25 mm


Specially made for direct casting. Evaporates with heat leaving no ash.


Easy to cast with most investments such as Omnicast, Certus Optima, Kerr or others


Provide accurate print with details and can be printed below 10 micron and providing 0.1 mm thickness.


Safe to handle. Does not contain any hazardous solvent or dangerous monomer.


This resin has low viscosiy. It is easy to clean and provides high yiled after cleaning.

SLA Resin Printing Samples

Post Process of PowerResins SLA

1- Washing

- After the printing is completed, wash the part as attached to the building plate with ethyl alcohol (>%90) or isopropyl alcohol (>%90) for 5 minutes.
- Make sure that alcohol covers the part entirely when washing. 
- Use a brush to remove uncured resin if needed.
- Do not over-wash, it may cause deterioration in dimensions of the part.

2- Drying

- Use air-compressor to dry the washed part.
- Make sure that the part is dry and uncured resin is cleaned up completely.
- If still uncured resin left on the part, wash it with fresh alcohol and dry again.

3- Part Removal

- Remove the printed part from the building plate using a scraping tool.Be very careful not to damage your hand and the model.
- Store the PowerResins SLA bottle in dark and moisture free place at room temperature (20-24 °C).

Always wear gloves during the post process !

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Perfect Casting Results

Compatible SLA 3D Printers

  • Formlabs Form 2 
  • DWS
  • Peopoly Moai