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TEMP (Light - Bleach)

TEMP (Light - Bleach)

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High Strenght Temporary Crown and Bridges Redefined for Digital Dentistry

PowerResins TEMP resin is a ceramic-based Temporary Crown and Bridge resin. Having high flexural strenght, stain free, abrasion resistant and natural aesthetic formulation to apply sameday chairside digital crown and bridges as well as good for inlay, onlay and overlay applications. Easy to apply syringe composites for glazing and make up. Available shades A1, A2, BL1.

  • Exceptional breakeage and high wear resistance
  • Flexural strenght 126 MPa standard ASTM D790-02
  • Produced under ISO standarts 13485:2016
  • Find here validated 3D printers list
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    Product Description

    Product Features

    • Exceptional breakeage and high wear resistance
    • Flexural strenght 126 MPa standard ASTM D790-02
    • Produced under ISO standarts 13485:2016
    • Find here(link to KB printing parameters) validated 3D printers list

    Material Properties

    Material PropertiesValueStandard
    Tensile strength66.5 MpaASTM D638
    Flexural strength126 MpaASTM D790-02
    Flexural modulus2980 MpaASTM D790-02
    Shore Hardness85.7ASTM D2240
    Density1.14 g/cm3 at 23 CASTM D1475
    Viscosity2500-3000 mPa.s at 23 CDIN 53211-4
    ColorAçık(A1-B1) Orta(A2-A3) Bleach (BL1)

    Post Process

    1- Washing

    After the printing is completed, wash the part as attached to the building plate with ethyl alcohol (>%90) or isopropyl alcohol (>%90) for 5 minutes. Make sure that alcohol covers the part entirely when washing. Since the Temp resin is biocompatible never wash it with the alcohol used for other resins before. Use a brush to remove uncured resin if needed. Do not over-wash, it may cause deterioration in dimensions of the part.

    2- Drying

    Use air-compressor to dry the washed part. Make sure that the part is dry and uncured resin is cleaned up completely. If there is still uncured resin left on the part, wash it with fresh alcohol and dry again.

    3- Part Removal

    Remove the printed part from the build plate using a scraping tool. Be very careful not to damage the model.

    4- Post Curing 20 minutes with MEDIFIVE curing chamber at 3rd-degree light intensity Otoflash curing recommendations 126 MPa flexural strength with 10000 flashes without gas. For the multiunit implant applications if you would like to reach the PMMA level, we recommend curing with gas(nitrogen, argon). After the post curing, supports should be removed from the model cautiously and then desired sandblasting and polishing can be done.

    Storage Conditions

    Store the PowerResins Temp bottle in dark and moisture free place at room temperature (20-24 °C).

    Do not forget shaking the resin well before use.

    If your printer has heater, you can set the temperature at 32 °C. Otherwise, you can heat your resin in a microwave for 18 seconds or by submerging in hot water for 15-20 minutes.


      Thanks to the technical properties that having stain free abrasion resistant formulation.


      Having consistent shades available A1, A2, Bleach.


      PowerResins Temp having less shrinkage and not changing the shape after post processing.


      Certified biocompatible Temporary crown resin and safe to use in patient's mouth.