YELLOW Jewelry Castable Resin

  • YELLOW Jewelry Castable Resin

YELLOW Jewelry Castable Resin


Works with any type of DLP or LED/LCD 3d printer

PowerResins Yellow has been developed specifically for direct casting of jewelry with high details. It is especially perfect for producing the details of moving chain patterns.

Properties of Yellow:

  • Very high precision and accuracy
  • Especially suitable for chain models
  • Perfect printing properties with sharp details suitable for jewelry with micro-pave prongs, engraving, highly detailed figures or filigree
  • Easy to set stones directly on printed model before casting
  • Create lighter jewelry with perfect precision
  • Perfect 100% ash-free burnout for direct casting
  • Use of standard wax burnout cycle
  • No need for post-curing after printing
  • Suitable for 365nm / 385nm and 405nm wavelenght 3D printers

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Specially made for direct casting. Evaporates with heat leaving no ash.


Easy to cast with investments such as Sherafine, Polyvest, Siladent, Bego, Nanovest or others


Safe to handle. Does not contain any hazardous solvent or dangerous monomer.


This resin has low viscosiy. It is easy to clean and provides high yiled after cleaning.


No need for Post-UV curing after printing. Simply wash and use.


Provide accurate print with details and can be printed below 10 micron and providing 0.1 mm thickness.

COMPATIBLE WITH 365,385 and 405 nm

You can use this resin with any printer that has 365-385nm or 405nm light source

Yellow Resin Print and Casting Samples

Yellow Resin Material Properties

Material PropertiesValueStandard
Tensile strength 22 MPaASTM D638
Flexural strength 15.4 MPaASTM D790-02
Flexural modulus327 MPaASTM D790-02
Shore Hardness 70.2 DASTM D2240
Density1.05g/cm3 at 23oCASTM D1475
Viscosity650 - 700 mPa.s at 23oCDIN 53211-4

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Compatible 3D Printers

DLP 3D Printers

LCD 3D Printers

  • Novafab Mega
  • Asiga
  • RapidShape
  • Miicraft
  • EnvisionTec
  • Projet 1200
  • B9 Creator
  • Flashforge Hunter
  • Akuretta
  • 3D Plus
  • OctaveLight / Orojet
  • W2P
  • RapidShape
  • SprintRay / MoonRay
  • Tiger
  • Carbon3D
  • NextDent / 3D Systems
  • Evodent
  • Microlay
  • G3D
  • AnyCubic
  • Wanhao
  • RapidShape
  • Novafab Vega
  • Uniz Slash
  • Phrozen
  • Zortrax Inkspire
  • MakeX
  • Structo3D DentaForm
  • Elegoo Mars
  • Prusa SL1
  • Kudo Bean
  • Ackuretta Freeshape