Casting examples with PowerCast Wax Resin

Casting examples with PowerCast Wax Resin

PowerCast Wax is a DLP/LCD 3D Printer resin formulated for jewelry casting. It has properties similar to wax and has very good casting properties. 

PowerCast Wax has a touch similar to wax therefore you can directly set stones on the printed part and cast the jewel with the stones.

Below you may see some of our customers casted parts.

Sample of 3d printed jewelry with PowerCast Wax resin

Bracelet with stones set on printed part

Gold casted bracelet from 3d printed PowerCast resinBracelet 3D Printed with PowerCast Wax Resin 

Set stones directly on 3d printed parts and casting

Set Stones directly on 3d printed ringStone settings directly on 3d printed ring with PowerCast resinPowerCast Wax Rings casted in gold

Smooth ring casted in silver

PowerCast Wax 3d printed ringSilver Casted from PowerCast Wax resinSilver ring casted from PowerCast 3d printer resin

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