Difference Between Castable Resins for Jewelry

Difference Between Castable Resins for Jewelry

Is it hard to decide which castable resin  I need to choose for a specific applications(surface, stone setting, filigree, cast in stone) or due to technology?

We have all the answers below to make your choice easier.

First of all, the main common specifics  for our castable resins that you do not need any post curing after print! 

If you would like to set stones to your print you may go through Dark and Zero resins as to be able to set stones you need to have very sharp details and less shrinkage but it does not mean that you can not use other resins to set stones. There you go!


Castable resins have varieties  due to printer technologies;

For SLA technology; you may use Form resin with any SLA 3D printer like Formlabs, DWS, Peopoly Moai. 

For LCD technology; we recommend  Burn,  Opaque and  Wax castable resins for LCD technology as Dark resin needs high light intensity due to print and LCD printers having lack of light power so to use Dark resin with a LCD printer means you must increase your exposure time comparing to using other resins and it takes more time to print. 

You may check all compatible printers list with type of castable resins table here


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