Jewelry Casting Examples with PowerCast Burn Resin

PowerCast Burn is an ash-free castable resin for DLP 3D Printer (also suitable for LCD / LED 3D Printers). It is used mostly in Jewelry and Dental casting.

It's properties are as follows:

  • Ash-free resin therefore enabling very high quality casting
  • Suitable for any kind of jewelry including filigree and stone settings
  • Suitable for long jewelry casting burnout
  • Suitable for fast dental casting burnout

Below you may see some of our Jewelsmith customers casted parts.

Gold bracelet casting using PowerCast Burn 3d printer Resin Gold bracelet printed with PowerCast Burn ResinRing casted in Gold and SilverFiligree ring casting in Silver PowerCast Burn Resin

3d printed Bracelet with PowerCast Burn ResinBracelet casted in Silver of PowerCast Burn Resin

Jewelry pieces printed with PowerCast Burn ResinGold casted jewelry - PowerCast Burn ResinJewellery Bracelet PowerCast Burn ResinGold casted bracelet PowerCast Burn ResinGold casted bracelet - PowerCast Burn Resin3d printed jewel with castable resinGold casting using DLP castable resinPowerCast Burn 3d printed bracelet jewelrySilver casted bracelet - PowerCast Burn Resin