Octave Light Printer Setting for jewelry and Dental

Please find below printing settings at 50 micron for PowerCast Burn and PowerCast Opaque resins;

Please note that these settings are  provided by customers who are using our resins with Octave Light printers so that may cause discrepancies.


Adjust Resin Depth Speed(um/s): 75

Burn-in Exposure Time(ms): 15000

Dip Depth(um): 4000

Dip Retraction Speed(um/s): 17000

Dip Speed(um/s): 10000

Exposure Time(ms): 8000

Layer Height (um): 50

Max Recoater Deviation(steps): 999999

Max Printable Safety Margin(um): 1000

Number of Burn-in Layers: 1

Recoater Extraction Speed(um/s): 17000

Recoater Insertion Speed(um/s): 17000

Recoating Speed(step/s): 1600

Retraction Over Distance(um): 20

Wait time Before Exposure(ms): 3000


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