Octave Light Printer Setting for jewelry and Dental

Octave Light Printer Setting for jewelry and Dental

Please find below printing settings at 50 micron for PowerCast Burn and PowerCast Opaque resins;

Please note that these settings are  provided by customers who are using our resins with Octave Light printers so that may cause discrepancies.


Adjust Resin Depth Speed(um/s): 75

Burn-in Exposure Time(ms): 15000

Dip Depth(um): 4000

Dip Retraction Speed(um/s): 17000

Dip Speed(um/s): 10000

Exposure Time(ms): 8000

Layer Height (um): 50

Max Recoater Deviation(steps): 999999

Max Printable Safety Margin(um): 1000

Number of Burn-in Layers: 1

Recoater Extraction Speed(um/s): 17000

Recoater Insertion Speed(um/s): 17000

Recoating Speed(step/s): 1600

Retraction Over Distance(um): 20

Wait time Before Exposure(ms): 3000


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