PowerCast Burn Resin with EnvisionTEC

PowerCast Burn Resin with EnvisionTEC

You can use PowerCast Burn resin with EnvisionTec 3D Printers. As EnvisionTEC is a closed machine, we recommend to use the tags from Pic100 and mix PowerCast Burn with Pic100 resin.

We recommend to mix %80 PowerCast Burn resin with %20 Envision Pic100 resin.
For example: 800gr PowerCast Burn and 200gr Pic100 resin needs to mixed well in cartridge.

Please follow these profile settings in below:

1-Machine Setup


2- Data Processing


3- Base Plate


4- Burn-in Range


5- Standard Range


6- Contour Feature Overview


7- Mask Feature Overview


8- Job File


9- General

Here some printed models with PowerCast Burn resin Envision P4 model printer

Please contact us to request recommended burnout cycle.


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