PowerCast Burn Resin with RapidShape 3D Printers

PowerCast Burn Resin with RapidShape 3D Printers

The DLP PowerResins such as PowerCast Burn or PowerCast Wax have been formulated in order to be compatible with most DLP printers such as RapidShape 3D Printers.

The most important parameter to consider is the exposure curing time in most DLP and to adjust this settings according to the resin. In the case of Rapidshape 3D Printers, we are actually lucky, as we have already some pre-setup profiles that we can easily use for the PowerCast Burn DLP resin.

Settings for PowerCast Burn Resin with RapidShape S90

Below we share the profiles used by our customers for the Rapidshape S90 3D Printer, however you can use the same profile with other Rapidshape 3D printers.

To use PowerCast Burn with Rapidshape, it is easy, you simply use the same profile for the CP-201+orange opaque resin provided by Rapidshape.

Below you can see the settings we recommend for S90 Standart and S90 Speed XL.

RapidShape S90 3D with Castable resin PowerCast Burn

Profiles to print on RapidShape S90 with Castable PowerCast Burn resin


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