PowerCast Burn Resin with Wanhao D7

PowerCast Burn Resin with Wanhao D7

PowerCast Burn is a high quality castable resin designed for DLP and LCD 3D Printers. You can print extremely high detailed jewelry/dental designs with PowerCast Burn and have perfect ash-free casting.

PowerCast Burn is compatible with many DLP and LCD 3D Printers. So far, our customers have tested it with:

Here we will be sharing the profile settings for Wanhao D7 LCD 3D Printer. 

Profile settings with Wanhao D7

Here are some recommendation that we provide as an example using 35 micron Z layer settings.

You may adjust the Z layers height depending on your need. As a typical rule of thumb, if you decrease the Z layer height, we would decrease the Exposure time, while if you increase the Z layer height, you would increase the exposure time.

Settings for D7 at 35 micron Z layer height

The main parameters that will be changed will be the exposure time during bottom layers and during the normal layers. We recommend the following parameters for 35 micron Z layer height: 

Layer(slice) Thickness(mm)  0.035
Exposure Time(ms) 10000
Bottom Exposure(ms) 80000
Bottom Layers

You may download more detailed settings for PowerCast Burn and Wax from this link.

Casting Recommendations

  • Please make sure to wash your prints well with ethyl alcohol and dry with dry air (using a compressor) before casting
  • You do not need UV curing after printing PowerCast Burn
  • We have many clients using various investments such as Optima Prestige, Ransom & Randolf or Omnicast 

Please find recommended burnout cycle here.

Here you may see some of our customers printing experience and casted parts. 

Examples with D7 and PowerCast Burn



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