Powerresins SLA Resin for Formlabs Form 2

Powerresins SLA Resin for Formlabs Form 2

Powerresins SLA resin is an SLA castable 3d printer resin that is fully compatible with Formlabs Form 2. 


Print with Formlabs Form 2

We recommend to use SLA resin to print up to 0.25 mm thin strings. 

Printing Settings

  • Please put 2 drop primer resin to your build platform and spread on it. The primer resin comes with your resin into a separate small bottle.
  • Make sure that your Formlabs Form2 is in Open Mode.
  • Select Castable V2 in Preform with 50 micron
  • Please shake your resin bottle before pour in resin tank


  • As you know, you will need to change your resin tank in average after 1 kg resin usage.
  • Make sure to put your designs always in different location on your build platform to increase your resin tank's lifetime.
  • Please filter your resin after any failed print in order to avoid small dusts or parts that may affect your next prints.

Casting Recommendations

  • Please make sure to wash your prints well with ethanol (ethyl) alcohol and dry with air flow like compressor before casting.

Please find recommended burnout cycle here.

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