Profiles settings for DWS 028

Profiles settings for DWS 028

For DWS 3D Printers, we recommend to use PowerCast FORM castable resin. This resin is specially developped for SLA 3D Printers such as DWS or Formlabs.

We are publishing here the required parameters that you can use for the model DWS 028 however you can easily adapt these settings for other DWS models.

Settings for DWS 028 3D Printer

In order to use PowerCast FORM resin with DWS 028 3d printer, we recommend to do the following step:

  1. Switch off the heating of the resin tank. The resin vat is heated in DWS machines in order to lower the viscosity of the resin. With PowerCast castable resin, you don't need to lower the viscosity and we recommend to switch off the heater.
  2. Setup the printing parameters.

1. Disable the heating of the tank by unplugging the heater cable

Close the DWS resin vat heater


2. Setup the parameters from the slicing software

We first setup the layers parameters by useing the DC550 parameters. You can edit the DC550 parameters and use the details below:

Define machine layers

Then on the process tab, please make sure to have these parameters:

Process tabs for DWS 028 J

Finally, you can edit the parameters to setup speed as follows:

Speed parameters for DWS 028 J 3d printer

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