Casting and Burnout Cycle for PowerCast Castable Resins

Here we recommend a certain burnout cycle that is used by a large casting house, however please note that most of our customers uses different burnout and casting process. 

In order to have a quality casting, first and foremost, we recommend to follow carefully the specifications provided by the investment brand you are using. These includes:

  • Water-powder ratio (use a scale to measure the water and powder)
  • Mixing process and time
  • Time to leave the flask before inserting in the oven
  • Burnout cycle
  • Casting and pressure control

Casting quality depends on many factors such as investment powder used, cylinder size, oven efficiency, casting machine but also on the washing process used after printing.

Process of washing, drying before casting 

  • Wash your prints with ethyl alcohol (ethanol) - You can use 96% Ethyl Alcohol
    • The best way is to wash first 2-3 times by spraying ethyl alcohol and blowing dry air with a compressor.
    • Please do not leave print inside alcohol for a long time as this may increase the shrinkage of your prints afterwards.
    • Please do not use isopropyl alcohol as it is more reactive and ethyl alcohol would be much better to clean without reacting with the resin.
  • Do not need UV curing before casting. Post-UV curing is common for other resins but for PowerCast resins, it has a negative impact on the casting.


Example Burnout schedule

Below we share an example burnout that is used by one large casting house.

Insert Flask/Cyclinder Room temperature  ºC
Ramp 100 ºC in 20 min
Hold 3 h 
Ramp 550 ºC in 2 h
Hold 2 h 
Ramp 780 ºC in 2 h
Hold 4 h
Pouring Metal ºC Depends on your metal




If there's any way we can be of assistance to guide you through your process please email us via and please join our facebook user group here to get some great tips from other users.