Resins for Asiga 3D Printers

You can use any DLP PowerResins with your Asiga 3D Printers. In this post, we provide the profile settings you can use when you want to print PowerCast Wax and PowerCast Burn resins with Asiga 3d printers, and more specifically the Asiga Max Series 3d printers.

PowerResins resins are compatible with all Asiga DLP 3D printers.

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Jewelry Castable Resins for Asiga 3D Printers

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Get High Precision Jewelry with PowerCast Resins

With all Asiga 3D Printers, you can use PowerCast Burn, Wax or Dark resins. We recommend Burn for light-weighted jewelry such as filigree or light surface jewelry, while Wax resin is preferable for surface or heavier jewelry as it provides smooth surfaces prints. Burn or Wax resins have a little shrinkage after washing with alcohol, while PowerCast Zero resin has very low shrinkage.
Important Note: you don't need any UV post-curing with our castable resins.

PowerCast Resin Cast Samples

Please note that all the pictures are the raw casting of 14k gold, 21k gold, and silver without any polish made after the casting. The burnout cycle used in these examples are normal burnout cycle with various investments such as Omnicast, Optima or Plasticast without using any special treatment or post-curing after the printing.

Asiga Max Settings for 50 micron with Burn resin

In order to print with PowerCast Burn resin, you can start with the profile settings of PlasGray v2 ini files.

Steps in order to print with Asiga Max with Burn are as follows:

  • Prepare the platform selecting PlasGray v2 profile at 0.050mm Z layer. Do not change anything on the ini file.
  • After click on Advanced Parameters. You will see the current parameters and light intensity of your machine.
  • You will need to adjust the Exposure Time depending on your Light Intensity. So once you open the Advanced Parameters, you will see the current Light Intensity of your machine. The higher the Light Intensity is, the less Exposure Time you will need.
  • Below we provide you the Exposure Time that you can use depending on the Light Intensity you see for Burn:
 Current Light Intensity Current Exposure Time
Between 7 - 7.5 mW/cm2 2.2 s
Between 6.5 - 7 mW/cm2 2.5 s
Between 6 - 6.5 mW/cm2 2.7 s
Between 5 - 6 mW/cm2 3 s
Between 4 - 5 mW/cm2 4 s

As an example, let’s take a machine that has a Current Light Intensity of 6.38 mW/cm2. As per the table above, you will need to insert an Exposure Time of 2.7 seconds.

You may see on the picture below that we changed manually the Exposure Time to 2.7 seconds (yellow area).

Asiga Settings for 50 micron with Wax resin

In order to print with Burn resin, you can start with the profile settings of PlasGray v2 ini files.

Wax resin cures at twice faster speed than Burn resin. In the same way as you have seen above, you can use the following Exposure Times for Wax resins. You may then adjust the Exposure Times depending on your models.

 Current Light Intensity Current Exposure Time
Between 7 - 7.5 mW/cm2 1 s
Between 6.5 - 7 mW/cm2 1.2 s
Between 6 - 6.5 mW/cm2 1.3 s
Between 5 - 6 mW/cm2 1.5 s
Between 4 - 5 mW/cm2 2.2 s

How to use .ini file with Asiga 3d printers

You can print any of our DLP PowerResins with any Asiga 3D Printers. There are actually 2 ways to print with Asiga 3D Printers. The first one is to set and change parameters such as light intensity or exposure time manually. This was already mentioned in our previous article about Asiga.

However there is also a better way to setup parameters using ini files.

.ini files are files specially developped for Asiga 3d printers that determine all settings for the resin printing. In this article, we are providing the .ini files for Burn and Wax resins.

Before starting using these files for your prints, please watch this video below that shows how to use .ini files. 

.ini file for PowerCast Burn resin

If you wish to print with PowerCast Burn resin, you may use the .ini file below:

Please download from

You can use these settings both for dental or jewelry prints with PowerCast Burn resin.

.ini file for PowerCast Wax resin

If you wish to print with PowerCast Wax resin, you may use the .ini file below:

Please download the file from

Once downloaded, you can use the .ini files as mentioned in the video above and enjoy your prints!