FlashForge Hunter Printing Settings

FlashForge Hunter Printing Settings

You can use any of our DLP resins with FlashForge Hunter 3D Printer. Most particularly if you are looking for direct castable resin, we can recommend PowerCast Burn and PowerCast Wax resins. You simply need to adjust the printing profiles.

We provide printing profile for PowerCast Burn DLP resin, however you can adjust these parameters according to the type of print you are making or the Z layer thickness you wish to use.

Settings for 50 micron with PowerCast Burn resin

Below we share the setting that our customers are using for 50 micron with PowerCast Burn castable resin.

Layer Tickness(mm) 0.05
Base time (s) 6
Attach time (s) 20
Gradual Time Layers 8
Light Intensity %100


If you wish to use PowerCast Wax at 50 micron Z layer, you may simply change the base time (s) to a value of 3 seconds. PowerCast Wax is a faster curing resin than PowerCast Burn and you may want to adjust the curing time according to the type of jewelry or product you wish to print. 


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