.ini Files for Asiga 3D Printers

You can print any of our DLP PowerResins with any Asiga 3D Printers. There are actually 2 ways to print with Asiga 3D Printers. The first one is to set and change parameters such as light intensity or exposure time manually. This was already mentioned in our previous article about Asiga.

However there is also a better way to setup parameters using ini files.

.ini files are files specially developped for Asiga 3d printers that determine all settings for the resin printing. In this article, we are providing the .ini files for PowerCast Burn and PowerCast Wax resins.

How to use .ini file with Asiga 3d printers

Before starting using these files for your prints, please watch this video below that shows how to use .ini files. 

.ini file for PowerCast Burn resin

If you wish to print with PowerCast Burn resin, you may use the .ini file below:

You can use these settings both for dental or jewelry prints with PowerCast Burn resin.

Dental print with Asiga 3d printer using PowerCast Burn resin

.ini file for PowerCast Wax resin

If you wish to print with PowerCast Wax resin, you may use the .ini file below:

PowerCast Wax printed with Asiga 3d printer

Once downloaded, you can use the .ini files as mentioned in the video above and enjoy your prints!