PowerCast Profile Settings for G3D DLP 3D Printer

You can use any DLP PowerResin with G3D 3D Printers. We are sharing here the profile settings for PowerCast Burn castable resin however you can easily adapt for PowerCast Wax or other DLP PowerResins.

The settings below can be used for both models of G3D 3D Printer machines. They are a good starting point for printing with PowerCast Burn resin. You may slightly change the exposure times depending on the type of models you wish to print. You may adjust the Z layers height depending on your need.

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PowerResins with Asiga 3D Printers

You can use any DLP PowerResins with your Asiga 3D Printers. In this post, we provide the profile settings you can use when you want to print PowerCast Wax and PowerCast Burn resins with Asiga 3d printers, and more specifically the Asiga Max Series 3d printers.
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Casting examples with PowerCast Wax Resin

PowerCast Wax is a DLP/LCD 3D Printer resin formulated for jewelry casting. It has properties similar to wax and has very good casting properties. PowerCast Wax has a touch similar to wax therefore you can directly set stones on the printed part and cast the jewel with the stones. 
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